My thoughts on Instagram’s New Ad Options Stories and the Impact on Business

Instagram’s new ad options stories has a huge impact on businesses who use and want to use the medium as a chance to reach their target audience.

First, Stories now have more than 250 million daily users. The reach alone for a business is astronomical. Brands have already capitalized on Stories, but with the new ad options, a business that uses Stories has new tools to make even more effective ads for consumers to interact with.

Instagram has adopted Canvas ads, which give the business a chance to have an even bigger impact on consumers. Once the user swipes up on the ad, it’s like they enter a portal to the business’s mini website, giving the consumer a bunch of things to consider. Some of these include testimonials and offers, further making the ad more effective for that business than before.

A business can now use features within the Stories as well. This makes the ads look less like an ad and more like an experience, which could have a huge impact on the way the business and consumer interacts. It also allows the creative to be reused on Stories again instead of them just disappearing. The longer the Stories run, the more effective they can be for that business.

Lastly, the new Stories ad option will enable the business to add Instagram Stories automatically, that includes to Facebook and Audience Network campaigns as well. This will help maximize the potential, giving the business better insights and allow them to contact their target audience at the right times. This gives them the best chance to hook the consumer and increase awareness and sales of the product and services that the business offers.

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