My gaming desktop: DELL xps 8700

Want a quick and smooth performance, can buy Dell XPS 8700 micro machine tower. With the aid of the fourth generation Intel core processor, it can run system intensive applications in a high speed, such as video editing and HD video playback, complex multi task processing and various demanding game.

Experience of Windows 8, the XPS 8700 function is complete, and is equipped with a new Windows 8 operating system. This operating system functions including smooth touch interface, a variety of work or entertainment applications, but also in all the windows of the Internet connection 8 equipment automatic synchronization settings and files.

New desktop design: using the map design, you can easily replace and arrange the block, so that the normal information is always located in the most prominent position.

Always maintain the latest status: at any time to refresh social networking sites, news, stocks and other information, even if your system is in a dormant mode.

With massive storage space, provide top scalability by four easy disassembly hard disk bracket, you can easily expanded computer storage capacity to 4 TB, and maintain a virtual mass media library.

Up to 4 TB of storage capacity means that you can easily store home movies, photos and documents, and can store more content with the enlargement of the family.

Provide more ports, realize flexible connection with 6 USB 3.0 port, Bluetooth 4 and HDMI, connect and synchronize a variety of devices and displays.

6 USB 3.0 ports are available for connecting more devices, so that XPS 8700 truly become your digital entertainment center.

Connect hd display, and use the HDMI port to transmit content streaming to high-definition television.

With the 19 combination in 1 medium card reader (MCR), without connecting cable, you can upload photos, video and other content.

Advanced graphics and sound to create HD masterpiece, enjoy favorite movies and TV shows, smooth play favorite games, and enjoy the details of saturation and cinema effect.

For senior games and video editing, you can choose NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti 1.0GB GDDR5 graphics card.

Memory need to upgrade, simply install memory in the XPS 8700, everything is easy.

Choose the quick start and recovery — by Intel intelligent response technique (SRT), this computer from sleep mode startup and recovery in less than three seconds, and to achieve twice program loading speed. In addition, by up to 16 GB of 1600 MHz of memory, you can even run other applications at the same time smoothly streaming media.

Intel smart response technology processing power can be concentrated to the place you most need (start and restore the application), in order to you more fluid to perform multitasking.

Add a 256 GB solid state drives (SSD), can make full use of Intel smart response technology cache.

Integrated 7.1 channel audio (6 jacks), to bring immersive sound.

Optional Blu ray disc CD-ROM it can burn large files, such as HD movies and backup system.

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