Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard Reviews — Adjustable LCD Screen

Compared to other peripherals manufacturer, Logitech has been put the product line very wide, in the office, games, wireless and other products have impressive strength, before many years the new version of G15 keyboard, is nothing more than to seize the initiative in Razer, SteelSeries specializing in gaming peripherals manufacturers.

Logitech G15 keyboard, besides consistent with gamers demanded handle, also is famous for its rich functionality and user-friendly design.

Before read the review of it, you can download Logitech G15 drivers, there are two files you can download for your X86 and X64: LGS_8.50.281_x86_Logitech.exe and LGS_8.50.281_x64_Logitech.exe. And if you do not want to download and install the logitech keyboard drivers by yourself, you can try this method: update drivers automatically.

And if are using another logitech wireless keyboard, see the solution if logitech wireless keyboard not working on Windows 10.

At the top of keyboard join the LCD screen is amazing, in addition to display part of the system information and countdown clock, but also monitoring some real-time data in the game, to consider very thoughtful for the players. And after the upgrade, the in terms of the appearance or color, are able to integrate with Logitech’s G9 mouse, believe that this combination will become a lot of players best equipment.

The new version of keyboard overall use silver and black, the frame with a black matte effect, full texture. LCD screen without using the old version of clamshell, but shows a person, very simple, but also to avoid the damaged because of many fold, but how to prevent screen scratches is a new problem that users need to consider.

Keyboard shortcuts are very rich, the left M1-M3 key and MR key is used in conjunction with the G1-G6, believe that the old users will not be unfamiliar, we will also write a new details for users.

On both sides of the LCD Screen, symmetrical design for two quadrilateral keys, the left sliding key “Win” key is shielding function, in the game we can move the slider to the position of the LCD screen, thus blocking the two sides of the “Win” button, and to the other side on the restoration of function, very convenient. In addition, it can also be observed in the background lights to determine whether the function is open.

On the other side is mute button, is also a very practical design. And then to the right is the keyboard backlight adjustment button, is divided into bright, dark, put out three models, we can adjust the background light by this button.

In addition, close to the LCD panel 6 keys for common multimedia keyboard shortcuts, used to control the player play state, in addition to the volume adjustment function. At the top of the keyboard is designed with two USB socket, very humane.

Keyboard keys uses a standard layout, and F function keys and primary key area distance with other standard keyboard. Enter button use the small key design, and the back button is used long button design. Shift buttons only marked up the arrow.

The G15 F function key than the other button is slightly narrow, the surface of the keycap is through special treatment, with a kind of skin texture, good antiskid effect. Key words is translucent, light transmittance is better. In the bottom of the new version G15 is the Logitech Logo in the middle position, metal texture is very strong. Hand care is difference with before, it is plastic material, slightly regret without use cortical hand.

This new model G15 and Logitech G9 mouse is the perfect match, both in appearance style and performance parameters are belong to the same level. The LCD panel is another major bright spot, with G9 display echo each other at a distance.

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