Todoist, once more.

I just gave Todoist a second try for this year. I didn’t really like it at first, then I tried it again after remaining dissatisfied with other productivity apps (Trello, Chaos Control, Wunderlist, etc…)

And wow, I was really impressed when I actually tried!

After a week of premium and trying to adjust my workflow with how their apps work, it’s actually significantly better than the rest. It really nails the ease of use that GTD has always aimed for and it’s actually quite workable when you have the entire service at your hands.

My top appreciations for the service would be their platform support, ease of use and performance. The Android versions are very, very well-done, if not one of the best third-party apps I’ve used on Android; writing down tasks can purely be done by just typing what you think, and just jotting down the date and time and labels and it matches them as if it were all hashtags, and everything just works very well and fast.

So yeah, Todoist is now my go-to app for productivity, and I am spending $30 a year if that’s what it takes to get everything sorted without expending much of my valuable time and mind to take note of things and get them done.

You should give it a try too.

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