Why Congress Needs to Act on the New Bipartisan Bill to Keep Guns Out of the Hands of Abusers and…
Gabby Giffords

First of all I do so hope you read this Gabby…because my admiration for you is SO GREAT that I cannot begin to give it the praise you deserve…YOU are a shining example for all humans to aspire to…. But now to the comment on subject at hand… I believe in impeding dangerous people from keeping and attaining guns…I think we need to combine this with a comprehensive mental health reform movement in this country….Also I think a “Think Before You Act” program to prevent help instill a thought process in our citizens would help to prevent violence in this country would be truly helpful!!! No one thing will accomplish the desired goal of less violence in our society…We must have a 360 degree, dynamic strategy to solve these problems that plague our society & we will reach them by implement and increment until the day things will actually BE better!!

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