“The problem with America”

A lot of Americans would have difficulty with this statement thinking our country is “perfect”, which would be an exaggeration of false assumptions. Depending on what you would define as truth. Many define truth through a dictionary, others by separating(discerning)lies from truth or facts.

For one to find the answer to this question would lead to self examination of ones perception of life in general. Like what’s the purpose of life or ones very own existence. Maybe you’re one of those who have asked your self what’s purpose? Why am I here? What’s going on in the world, why is their so much hate and suffering? Why do people die?

Could my life be driven by lies and cultural influences depending on where I grew up. Has the world, governments, political party’s fed us lies? If so, how do we find truth in a world full of greed and self recognition. A world defined to us by our ancestors.

I’m firm believer in truth and I hate lies. My mother told me when I was young, that someone that has something to hide is already 95% guilty, unless it’s something good like a gift, but I’m not referring to that. My point is, if your doing something good or morally right it’s not something you do in the dark but rather in the light, for all to see.

For instance a drug addict typically doesn’t due drugs in public but in secret trying to hide his addiction. So what about our government or other governments of the world. If their hiding stuff from us their obviously lying to us. Ever heard the old saying, momma didn’t raise no fool. Well that’s why.

I’m tired of being lied to, deceived and brainwashed by social media or news reports. Theirs always two sides to a story, like two sides of a coin. One side is truth and the other is error. The question is not whether or not it’s a lie, but rather how to swiftly see through falsehood.

Why do people lie to begin with? Could it not be to hide the truth? Why is truth so hidden and covered with lies? Just like a murderer who has broken Civil law and lied to law enforcement. Why? To hide truth. So truth is not something easy to find in a world full of lies. Just ask a lawyer who has to present a case or defend a lier. Have we allowed money to blind us from the truth? Have people been payed off to hide truth or been threatened to be killed if not kept silent.

Ask yourself. Don’t you wish people would just speak the truth? I do! Confess their faults? Admit to their wrongs. That’s the problem with America it’s built upon lies. Just think about it? Our Presidents of old who wanted to speak out or buck the system where terminated by our own people. How sad?

We say or use to say “In God we trust”. But do we really trust God(Elohim)? If theirs a problem we try to find a solution, but how can we find a solution when we ignore or deny the problem. If a child had cancer and we had the cure how would the mother feel if we withheld the truth? How would you feel if it was a family member who’s close to you?

No one presented a solution to the problem. The angry conflict it would create. We hate naturally pain, death, disease but don’t understand why these things occur. That good happens to bad people or bad happens to good.

Life is unpleasant overall and vain. Think about it, your body if one part hurts it affects your entire body like a disability or mental disorder. So what about the human race? We tend to cause division and conflict with each other like little children who didn’t get the toy they desired.

Or ambitious men or women in positions of authority who have no integrity and affect the world in a negative way through lust and immorality of disinterest in human rights to thrive together in a culture where love and peace reign as supreme.

My verdict of all this conflict, hatred and animosity in society. Is what? Political disharmony or anarchy of revolutionary revolutionist. What is the cause? Of all this! If their is a cause what’s the solution?

The problem with the Cosmos is not human disunity or opposition of freedom for all humans with equal rights. As we all bleed the same color. Baby’s don’t hate each other, despite their color of skin. The world teaches hate, not God.

The problem with America and the entire world is a “sin” problem. That’s probably a new word to your vocabulary. Not used in this secular world. But regardless of what you believe what I speak is truth. It’s sin. The effect of all human disunity and conflict.

1 John 3:4 KJVS [4] Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law.

An incurable disease the entire world has been plague with due to their disobedience to God’s holy laws. We cannot blame God for the problems in the world as he didn’t cause them, but we did. Study history.

When a cop pulls you over for speeding do you blame the cop? No or at least a person of integrity wouldn’t. Same with God we cannot blame him, when we have sinned against him our entire life!

That’s the effect of us freely choosing to exclude God out of the equation. We have come to a conclusion of the whole issue. Now the question is, what’s the solution to the problem of cause and effect? If humans could fix the world we would have all ready done it? We need help from the Divine, the Creator of life and his name is.

Jesus Christ.

Romans 10:13 KJVS [13] For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

May God bless all who read this amen.

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