Ghost of a New Machine: How Samsung, Facebook and Oculus is Failing the Future #MWC16

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, World Mobile Congress 02.21.2016 Barcelona Spain #WMC16

What’s wrong with this picture?

And what’s wrong with this picture here? Take a good hard look at these two pictures, the one above and the one to the left … What do you see?

I see the future … and it’s failing.

How can we have a new vision of a virtual reality future when one half of the population of planet Earth is not even there? Not one woman and no identifiable minorities is present in either of the two pictures taken at the World Mobility Congress in Barcelona, Spain yesterday [02.21.16] as Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, in his keynote address, announced a mobile alliance partnership with Samsung using Oculus Rift technology. Is the emerging “next generation” virtual reality mobile platform restricted to 18 to 40 year old white males? It would appear so. [More #WMC16 photos here]

Samsung, Facebook and Oculus Rift blew an astonishing opportunity at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Spain yesterday [02.21.16] as Mark Zuckerberg talked about his vision of the future filled with 360 degree video, immersive experiences and emerging virtual applications while lovingly referring to his new born baby daughter, Max, and the world she will grow up in. I look out upon the 99 percent 18-to-40 year old white male audience and my thought is “who will this half-Chinese baby girl play virtual dolls with? … Where are her playmates?”

How do little girls learn to code when they are all alone? Where are the VR Girls? … or the Godmothers [Nonny de la Pena & Jacki Morie] who will keep her safe as she learns to negotiate in these newly emerging virtual worlds? It’s not a future filled with virtual reality Head Mounted Displays [HMDs] that scares me. What terrifies me is, yet again, women, girls and minorities will face this emerging virtual future with no creative Voice or opportunities for development and creative expression!

The World Mobility Congress 2016 is a big #Fail! We can do better.