Jeris Huntington
Oct 18, 2017 · 3 min read

… one pure moment: walking by an expensive hotel and seeing palmer luckey, will mason and, perhaps, i can’t be certain, taylor freeman on the corner in deep conversation as jonathan williams walks up to them lit up with admiration and respect for what they have accomplished and maybe not fully cognizant of the precipice on which each of them stand … and with that moment i felt hope for the future … a genuine seed of light … as long as one human being in oculus launchpad has that beaming creative light shining so bright … all is not lost on earth …

… i am on my way to Bhutan and returning to the seeds of compassion … i do not know what palmer, will and taylor feel in their hearts and souls … do they have empathy for the people around them? compassion? … regardless of what is in their hearts … i know what is in mine … i am past a momentary flash of FIERCE

… what is in mine is that i am inspired by paul raphael and celine tricart and how they are approaching their storytelling and a sense of a deepening connection through working as artists … deepening the connection with earth, deepening our connection with space, and deepening our connection with each other … i thank them both for their hearts and their art …

… my heart sisters for their inspired tenacity to create art and bring light into the world at a chaotic bifurcation point in history: cherryl s. espinoza, dulce barga, cathy hackl are breathtaking and may all of the women in launchpad connect from our hearts and thrive as we ascend co-creating this new platform… i have such admiration and respect for each and every one of you.

for ebony peay ramirez and paula cuneo … thank you from the center.

… the center for me on this path is the esalen reality summit, the virtual world society and the seeds of compassion … this is the community that will lead oc4 evolving past dystopian future … i don’t believe in a dark future … and it is all of these human beings right here right now that will determine if we evolve past force fed negativity … may we each find our way to self respect and respect for each other and thrive in chaos … may our seeds of light shine bright … judgments are a subterfuge as we stand on a precipice … we are at a decision point … are we connected? … what do we stand for?

… in my heart it is light … i know who i am and where i am going and the destination at which i will arrive … it doesn’t matter what happens in my life … i have already arrived … and i am very very grateful …

Jeris Huntington

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nowist. huntington. augmented & virtual reality pioneer walking my path to the Soul of the World.