A small language called Toki Pona

Jer Jungle from BC
Oct 2, 2018 · 2 min read

Toki Pona is a very fun language that contains only about 123 words. I first learned about Toki Pona from /r/minimalism on Reddit.com. Toki Pona is so much fun to speak because it encourages the speaker to change each idea they would like to communicate into a very simple form. Speaking in Toki Pona is almost like trying to solve a contextual puzzle. The benefit to learning to use Toki Pona is not really for communication, as the community is still quite small albeit growing. The benefit I have found is the joy in discovering different ways of communicating each idea. Sometimes you will be very specific and detailed, chaining words together to adequately communicate what you are thinking. Though the magic happens when you realize you only needed 5 words, and could have let context fill in the blanks.

Although you might be a little dis-heartened when you visit tokipona.net because there aren’t many hyperlinks to places where the speakers of this wonderful language hang out... it may seem as though there isn’t much of a community. Please don’t stop there though! You can find speakers on the app called amikumu, you can find them on the toki pona subreddit; /r/tokipona, and I have heard there is a discord server that is quite active as well. There is also a Toki Pona facebook group.

Toki Pona may not enable you to speak to a larger audience (yet), but it’s benefits aren’t focused there. Instead, speaking in Toki Pona requires your mind to shed the excess, and to focus on context. This is a welcome direction of thought in many places right now, where we seem to be rapidly complicating and polluting our thought process.

sina wile sona e toki pona?

Would you like to learn Toki Pona? Check out the official book written by jan Sonja, available on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2D1d6Jp

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