Good Morning,

I would like to share information about my experience in my Greek Literature class at Howard University. Specifically, I would like to take through my study habits and experiences with this class and the information presented. Since I am new to the class I have much less to report than other students who have been in the class since the first day of school. However, I have spent time playing catch up and I have learned a great deal of information. I began by visiting material learned earlier in the semester for two hours. When studying in the Health and Science library on campus most of this time was spent reading and studying the Iliad and the Trojan War. Studying in the library gives me a lot more focus and allows me to be much more productive if I were to study in my room or a quiet restaurant perhaps. The fact that I studied by myself allowed me to focus better as well. With this good study environment I had some key takeaways from my readings of the Trojan War. One thing that I found particularly interesting was the sacrifice that both the Greeks and the Trojans went through all for the love of Helen. This shows you how beautiful, desired, and loved she was that nations literally went to war for her. This notion of love ties directly into one of the next assignments that I spent around 2–3 hours on which trip to the National Art Gallery. When looking for pieces of work that show love, and specifically the “power” of love, one of the three pieces of art that I found was the AMOR piece in the sculpture garden . I felt as if this piece resembled the “power” of love because of its ability cross cultural boundaries. Love is one of the few things that is universally understood and no matter the language, culture, ethnicity etc. and I felt this piece captured that in a way. After this assignment and in preparation for today I spent a couple of hours reviewing information and reading part 5 of the Iliad. Again studying in the Health and Science Library allowed me to really focus and take in a lot of information. I look forward to discussing some of the things I found today in class and continuing to build on this knowledge.

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