Lightning Is Greater Than Thunder

A Poem To Remind Us Of True Power

You are fine just the way you are.
There is no shell you have to get out of
“Are you always this quiet?”
Are YOU always this loud and intrusive?
Your quietness is your strength
Who do people come to with their problems?
Who do people trust?
You amazing quiet person you.

To know when to hush.
To read a situation and respond with silence
To know when to not react with angry speech and bluster
To read people and respond with something more than words
This is a gift
Use it wisely.

If people are uncomfortable around you
Because you are quiet
That’s their insecurity
That is not your problem to fix.
If by simply standing there quiet unnerves those around you
That is power
Use it wisely.

If people say you are stuck up
Because you are quiet
That’s their insecurity screaming.
Best to cover your ears to that noise.

The most important person in a room
Is not the guy everyone is circling around
Not the person everyone is listening to
No, you are.
It’s hard to be the center of attention or a leader
Without an audience.
Even Jesus had to go get at least one person.
Use this knowledge wisely.

Hold your head up
It’s okay to be quiet
It’s okay to be you.
Shhh…you are amazing!

[Photo by Bo Insogna via Compfight]

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