Dear Lord,

It is with grace and humility that I present myself to you on this day. In a moment of servitude and surrender I present myself before you. Let all the feelings I speak into existence be witnessed and authenticated by your very presence.

Lord, there are many things in my life that I am grateful for. There are the wonderful people who you have sought to bless me with. My loving mother, innocent sister, beautiful girlfriend and precious friends.

However, while I cherish all of those the blessing I thank you for Most of all is unlike any other.

I thank you for my struggles.

Yes Lord I thank you for the struggle and adversity that you have put into my life. From the bottom of my heart. I truly thank you.

The beauty of struggle is derived from the lessons we extract after overcoming our struggles. To be triumphant in conquering our demobs and the glory you shine on us when we convert that trial into wisdom may be your greatest blessing of all.

I wish I had figured this out sooner, that all my pain and suffering was your way of making me stronger. I wish that I was able to identify each of my heartbreaks as you preparing me to meet my one true love. It’s also greatly appreciated that you saw fit to have her name literally mean God’s gift as if to make your blessing to me as obvious as possible.

Meeting her marked a significant change my awareness of self. Suddenly every single moment of heartache in my life made sense. I had endured so much pain in order to properly ascertain who my soulnate would be. And then I finally learned to trust you and your will. To leave everything in your hands. As a result you presented her to I and I to her and like magic everything fell in place.

Lord I thank you for all my struggles. Lord I thank you for all the pain I have endured and the pain I have yet to endure. Because through meeting her, I was able to see how it all makes sense.

Pain is merely weakness leaving the body as the heart turns knowledge into wisdom. I knew that joy always came after pain but I was never wise enough to realize that you break us down through pain in order to better us.

It is at our lowest point that we are most susceptible to change. And after meeting her, it all makes sense now.

Thank You and in the name of Jesus.