Why I’m Absolutely an Angry Black Woman
Dominique Matti

Here is my experienced injustice.

Oct 12; Fired for not being a cultural fit. My registered political party was mentioned. The complaint came from the daughter of a man who held my mother at gun point. 10 days in this job

June 2015 Fired at gun point with threats of send 15 people with shotguns after me. I had simply returned from the state job center after my lunch break. I worked here for 2 years. Worked for this same employer 14 other times, all ending poorly.

Nov 2012 former employer received harassment for employing me, told me if it continued, I’d be fired. Later changed my job description, changed pay to salary exempt yet still docked pay. Imagine working 55 hours and getting paid for 38. I quit. Went to body shop for 14th time.

June 2012 Sold my house after 2 years of unemployment. All federal level unemployment was denied because I was rural.

May 2011- September 2011 11 911 calls and 7 police calls to a non 911 number over threats, harassment and property damage at my home. Explosives thrown in yard, lasers and spot lights through windows. Multiple times forced to shoot at perpetrators. Police claim nothing was going on.

May 2010- September 2010 Spot lights, lasers, noise making, mail box tampering, equipment damage, stalking, harassing by numerous people at home and throughout community.

June 2010 house goes on market after losing my job at plant. I complained about the situation in email, town got locked down.

November 2009 started working part time in body shop. Stayed until April.

Summer 2009. Performing my job duties upgrading a fiber optic network in the plant. A grievance was filed and a walk off strike called. Union claimed I was performing union contracted tasks. Union contract doesn’t include fiber. The device has no power button. Therefore strike was unwarranted. Union was forced to make concessions at next contract for permission to use company equipment to call off the strike. Any unscheduled time missed would result in voluntary employee termination.

Thanksgiving eve 2007 Went out, a fight broke out at establishment next door. Cops came to where I was, beat me with night sticks, smashed my head into a door, then a car tire, arraigned me in neighbouring county and held me with out my phone call for 72 hours.

Preliminary hearing the witness was giving the arresting officer a back massage, other officer was previously cited in my suite against the school district.

Trial was sentenced to 3 times the states maximum guidelines for the charges. Won appeal. Fired my attorney. The original agitator of the fight was sentenced a $300 fine, even though he used deadly weapons against officers.

Re-sentence. Judge after realizing there were some serious issues with his original sentence and in an attempt to conceal this from superior court he re-sentenced me from 120 days to a $300 fine.

2005 A woman I date after high school immolated her children in an arson fire. Facing 2 counts of Capital murder she plead to life without parole.

This is the last 10 years. The previous 20 are more of the same. Starting with a suite against the school district winning school choice for my district. Multiple times being shot at, shooting at threats, arrests, harassment, stalking and situational set-ups attempting my arrest.

My point is, the situation is not exclusive to the black community. My experience has shown me the main perpetrators. Starting with the teachers unions, protected by tenure, who, with an effort to deny school choice basically segregates districts based on property value. The police unions, aggressively patrolling these districts, which creates the appearance of higher crime causes a 2-fold situation of allowing for increased aggressive patrolling, while simultaneously reducing property values. These policies create segregation v2.0, whereas wealth (property value)and economic upward mobility is reduced or prevented with arrest records and poor public education. Escape is denied through mandatory school attendance and the destruction of the reputation of the citizens within these communities. Perpetuated by political parties who support the unions by purchasing the votes of those harmed with the promise of additional support through public assistance and the façade of being protectors of those they are actually harming.

The solution is simple. Force the school districts to allow school choice. Non violently and non destructively keep pressure on the police for their aggressive patrolling. Rebuild and invest in these communities to raise citizens property values. Get the children out, get them into better performing schools. In time, with better education and a stronger community, economic growth will return. This will increase the wealth within the community through higher property values and business creation. This stronger community will reduce the negativity and bias towards it’s citizens. Together, we can break the cycle.