Getting started — Redux-Observable

Jun 7 · 4 min read


The flow for Redux and Redux-Observable (Illustration: Tomas Nilsson)
import { 
} from 'redux-observable'
const epic1 = action$ => actions$.ignoreElements(); // RxJS
const epic2 = action$ => actions$.ignoreElements(); // RxJS
const rootEpic = combineEpics(epic1, epic2); // redux-observerconst store = createStore( // redux
rootReducer, // redux
applyMiddleware( // redux
createEpicMiddleware(rootEpic) // redux-observer
const $doubleClick = actions$ => {   const click$ = action$.ofType('CLICK');   return click$
.filter(clicks => clicks.length === 2)
.map(clicks => ({type: "DOUBLE_CLICK"}) // convert stream into plain normal action

So at architecture design level, Rx programming, it is about how your application behave instead of how does it implement the different features of our application.

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