Product Management Blogs To Follow: The Communities

NOTE: this is not a complete list. There are some great sites we ended up having to leave on the table — at least for now. And, obviously, there is overlap between these buckets. Most influencers are educators, and most of our favorite Medium writers are influencers, as well. These categories are intended as a loose guide, not pigeonholes. We’re planning to update this list frequently, so let us know if we forgot an essential entry!

To help parse the sheer volume of PM writing out there, we’ve organized this list into categories. And to make it more useful, I also added a short description of the focal point for each blog and added a blog post I think showcases their style, so you can easily choose the ones that will benefit you the most.

The Communities

  1. Product Coalition
     Medium has become such a popular outlet for product managers that we’re dedicating an entire post of this blog series to Medium all-stars. However, Product Coalition, run by Jay Stansell, aggregates awesome product writing from around Medium and has built a great Slack community, too. So, if you don’t have the bandwidth for yet another online community, make sure you at least visit Product Coalition.
  1. Product Manager HQ
     With the world’s largest Slack product community, this is one of our favorite PM resources. PMHQ, founded by Kevin Lee, often hosts AMAs with leading product managers. Their site also includes articles and guest posts on career development. Basically: Go here to get hired/inspired.
  1. Silicon Valley Product Group
     SVPG is a no-frills website featuring product advice from Silicon Valley coach Marty Cagan, whose former gigs include eBay, AOL, Netscape and HP. Cagan’s writing is both helpful and personal. He offers insider advice gained from his deep roots in the Valley’s tech community. Marty also wrote the book “Inspired”.
  1. Product Club
     This content hub, led by bulldog lover and “startup hustler” Tim Platt, offers real talk for peers. Posts like “Average Manager vs. Great Manager” and “Cut the Crap and Build with Empathy” exemplify their no-nonsense approach to product advice.
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