Seeking job candidates via social media

Traditionally, students apply on job advertisements made by companies. If you ask us, this is a waste of time for both parties. One of the reasons is because a company knows exactly what they are looking for, and a student knows their own qualifications and expertise. We think it is time for change. Instead of students reaching out to companies, we want companies reaching out to students, by searching for specific students who fit the job profile based on their original job advertisement. How? We introduce ISOW, what stands for In Search Of Work.


In Search Of Work for companies

Is your company seeking new employees? If the traditional employment process is not an option -e.g. because of pricing, transparency or limited timing- we introduce ISOW. With our ISOW search-tool your company has acces to a large pool of job seeking students. The ISOW-search tool matches your employee needs to the right candidate. As a results, you have the employment process back in your own hands and increase the chance of creating the right candidate match.

How does it work? We manage a large pool of job seeking students. Instead of asking each student tons of questions -to create relevant data to search- we create a profile for them based on their social media data. From this data we can extract demographic data such as age and city, but we can also search custom types of data, such as company culture, based on their likes and interest.

By logging on to the ISOW search-tool, you can create a search task based on the specifications of your job advertisement. Once the tool has found potential candidates for the job, you will receive an overview with a comprehensive profile of each candidate. Each candidate gets a final score based on the amound of matched job specifications they have. From this overview you can easily make a selection of candidates who you would like to contact for a job interview.

ISOW stands for In Search Of Work, and that’s exactly what we do. 
We match the best candidates with your job advertisements.

In Search Of Work for students

Are you tired of browsing trough endless job advertisements sites? We think it is time for change. Applying on lots of job advertisements is something from the past. We provide a service where companies approach you with suitable jobs, the only thing you have to do is sit back and relax.

How does it work? Okay, there is one thing you need to do before we can start. If you login with your Facebook profile on our website, we take care of the rest. Sound scary? No worries, your data always stays your own and we never post something on your Facebook wall without your permission. By signing up, you give companies the opportunity to approach you with suitable job offers, based on your likes and interests. We match your profile with job advertisements of companies and introduce you as a potential candidate. If a match occurs, you will be notified if a company wants to contact you.

ISOW stands for In Search Of Work, and that’s exactly what we do. 
We introduce you to companies who are seeking new employees.

This concept is made during a school project commissioned by the Fontys ACI (Academy for Creative Industries) in Tilburg, the Netherlands. The study direction is called CE:DBC (Commercial Economics: Digital Business Concepts). This project was created and validated during the second year of this study in a class called ‘start-ups’.

By Patrick Sloot, Floris Meulensteen, Marloes Buijk, Jeroen de Jonge and one other CE:DBC student.

For more concepts and projects visit my portfolio website via this link.

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