Angular 6 — What can we expect?

by David Rangel on Unsplash

Almost time for a new release of Angular, I will show you the most important new features of version 6. The major release will be on the 4th of April but is already delayed, each half year there is planned a major release. So version 7 is estimated for September/October 2018 and version 8 is planned for March/April 2019.

Main new features

Version 6 will be smaller, easier to use and again faster.

  • Angular elements
  • CDK
  • Ivy renderer
  • Bazel & Closure compiler
  • ng update & ng add
  • RxJS 6, Webpack 4, TypeScript 2.7 support

Angular elements

Elements gives you the option to extend the reach of your Angular code. You can create an Angular component, package these as Custom Elements and publish as a Web Component. The published component can be used then in non-Angular projects.


With @angular/cdk you can build your own library of UI components using @angular/material. Using the @angular/flex-layout is also not needed anymore because the CDK supports responsive web design.

Ivy renderer

Ivy will not be default, if you want to use this you will need to manually change a compiler option. If used this will improve speed, reduce size and give an increase in flexibility.

Bazel and Closure compiler

“ The ABC (Angular + Bazel + Closure) project encompasses our efforts to add Bazel and Closure as high quality tools that you can use to build high quality Angular applications. ”

Bazel will only rebuild what is necessary while Closure will generate smaller bundles.

ng update & ng add

With Angular CLI 1.7 you can run:

ng update

This will automatically update all your @angular dependencies in your package.json file, dependencies like RxJS and Typescript are also updated after the command.

The next command:

ng add

For developers this will help them adding more quickly application features. For example you can turn normal applications in to Progressive Web Apps (PWA) or start out with a specific kind of application instead of an empty one.

RxJS 6, Webpack 4 & TypeScript 2.7 support

RxJS 6 support will reduce bundle sizes. The current Webpack being used by Angular is version 3. Soon number 4 is coming and the Angular CLI is already available for a switch to this new version. This will also for example reduce the bundle sizes with the use of scope hoisting. At last there is support for version 2.7 of TypeScript.