New Steem Tools on CoinThru

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Before implementing SteemSQL for larger projects, I am starting with smaller contributions in the form of simple Steemit Tools that I have found a use for.

What Are The New Steem Tools?

There are an abundance of tools already created for the Steem blockchain and Steem explorer (steemit). However, with an increasing number of people joining the network, there are an increasing number of demands. There is also a growing statistic-driven, technical crowd like myself.

First Tool: Steem Income Calculator

The other night I sat down trying to crunch some numbers after discovering more about how the system powering Steem works. A lot of calculations for a rough estimate with too many variables to be very reliable. So, I started writing code…

Using some simple formulas in PHP, I built a simple solution for some baseline estimates.

The Steem Calculator gives a projected Steem Power growth rate over a user-defined period of up to 52 weeks (1 year). The results are based on user-defined market price, current SP and expected weekly growth rate. Look for updates, including fetched-data and additional variables as calculation parameters in the future.

Second Tool: Steemit Static & Dynamic Banners

Okay, this one is more of a resource. During a series of 5 video tutorial videos covering banner creation and image manipulation in GIMP, a few banners were made and published for Steemians to promote the platform.

In the PHP video tutorial today, the dynamic banner creation tool was made. Though very simple, the server-side code accepts inputs (username, email) and creates a Steemit banner with the user’s gravatar image and Steemit profile URL.

Check out the tools and leave me some feedback. I post regularly on Steemit and on my blog, if you want to follow me for updates.