How Hours became a top grossing app

I’m just going to say it. Building apps is hard. Building great apps is really hard. And building a financially successful app is, well, harder than the first two combined.

Running a business in any industry has never been easy and there are very few industries where that little indie developer can compete with the biggest brands in the world and win. Sometimes. I love it.

This article is dedicated to my fellow independent developers. Though we are technically competitors, those who spend any amount of time in the iOS community know, we are really in this thing together.

Build up

I started marketing Hours in earnest a little over a year ago, starting with this blog post:

355 people on the site at one time took out my server for three hours.

Getting featured by the press

We were blown away by the press coverage of Hours…
What our Press Kit looks like

Getting featured by Apple

Apple helps those who help themselves. You build a great app, you build a lot of buzz and get a lot of PR — Apple notices. After an app launch or two that Apple likes, you might even start to build a direct relationship with folks at Apple. We are fortunate enough to be in that boat. I consider Tapity’s strong relationship with Apple one of our biggest assets. We had been talking to them for a while about Hours and they were kind enough to feature us on the App Store homepage as well as in a few categories.

The Business section of the App Store


That’s us minus me

Designer at Coda. Formerly: Founder of Tapity - Grades (Apple Design Award), Languages (App Store Best of 2012) & Hours (acquired).

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