Introducing IGDB API V4!

As you may know IGDB became a part of Twitch last year, and we are now bringing our API closer to this new ecosystem. It’s an exciting time for the next iteration of the IGDB API! One of the goals of IGDB has always been data sharing in order to empower our end users, this is especially true when it comes to the API. By moving closer into the Twitch Developer Portal we will be able to share more data with more of you. Furthermore we also took this opportunity to update some of the endpoints & fields of the…

As previously mentioned, IGDB has joined Twitch, and in our efforts to reap the full benefits of being part of a bigger team, we are implementing some changes.

Twitch Login

We have decided to migrate our current identity management to Twitch authentication. This means that we will only be supporting you to login using a Twitch account in the future.

We took this decision because it will allow the IGDB core team to focus more on making IGDB better and developing new features instead of having to dedicate resources to maintaining a separate account system. …

From our first beta version in 2014, IGDB has been dedicated to creating the ultimate resource for game lovers everywhere. Our team has worked hard to grow our community of passionate gamers and bring our mission to life. A passion project grew into something that could empower the entire gaming industry.

Today, we are very excited to announce the next chapter of our story: IGDB has joined the Twitch family! Millions of people visit Twitch every day to connect with their favorite streamers and communities. …

We are starting a large scale migration of our backend, database and hosting. IGDB is about to undergo some changes, some temporary and others more permanent. We’re moving forward with the new version of the website and taking IGDB into an exciting new era!

To ensure that this goes smoothly and that no user data is lost in the process we will have to disable some features temporarily. At the same time we thought it was the appropriate time to plan for future changes due to the recent European legislation around content on the Internet.

Here’s a recap of what…

We’re proud to announce we are an official partner of Indie Prize!

At IGDB we’ve never been shy about our love and passion for the industry, we are gamers after all! One aspect of the industry dear to us is of course helping out indie developers, which lead to this exciting new partnership with Indie Prize. Their value aligns perfectly with our own view of the industry and we’re very excited to be a part of it to help talented indie game studios find their way into this international scholarship program!

Indie Prize, a scholarship program for the best and brightest independent game developers supported by Computer Games Association (CGA) and Greenlit…

IGDB is getting a shiny new coat of paint!

Take the new IGDB for a spin: has been a labor of love from a small dedicated crew for five good years. What started as a passion project turned into a full-time business venture for us, but with that came its own set of challenges, namely an ancient and complicated code base and an outdated design.

Without further ado, here is it the next IGDB website:

As the first official week of release for 2019 begins, let’s take a look back at the previous 12 months!

2018 stats from the IGDB community!

Highs and lows

It’s always quite interesting to look at the correlation between anticipation and release ratings:
Assassin’s Creed saw a much needed breath of fresh air recently, for the better clearly as Odyssey is the highest rated in the franchise since Assassin’s Creed II in 2009!

After many months of hard work and sleepless nights we are finally ready to announce the full release of our new major version of the API, dubbed API 3000! Let’s take a look at what all that work was for.

Introducing IGDB API 3000

So What’s Changed

Let’s just start by concluding that the API is insanely popular. To this date we have given out more than 10 000 keys and we are starting to see some really cool projects (and game companies) actively using it. Having this many users have also allowed us to gather valuable feedback regarding improvements.

The primary focus of API 3000 has…

Last year, we did an interview with Jesper from Catalope Games, talking about his upcoming game Scrap Galaxy. Now he is back with a new title that’s very different from his previous games. That game is called Skeletal Dance Party and it features a foxgirl necromancer that wants to host a dance party for her skeleton friends. Jesper describes it as a physics-based Pikmin-similar RPG dungeon crawler. Whoa, that’s a long one!

We take a look at some specifics and challenges of building the ultimate games database and the API to rule them all! It’s all about gaming: No Games Left Behind!

Further down on our API page is a statement that many of our users have asked about, clearly puzzled:

You are allowed to use the data commercially in any plan, even the free version. Even if you want to build a competing product.

And just in case people thought it was a typo, we say it again in the FAQ section:

Jerome Richer De Forges | Design, product & marketing. Overall gaming dude!

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