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It has been fashionable for quite a long time, especially by young (and envious) “hip” sports writers to ridicule or put down in any possible way Mike Francesa, but I call BS. He is the best sport talk show guy by miles, and even as i share none of his societal/political views, his authority and off the charts encyclopedic knowledge is soothing and relaxing. Counter to those claims, he has no racist or misogynist bone in his body, he’s just an old-school NY (more Long Island) conservative, who honestly believes children and women should be shielded by protecting males, and treats cuss words in public like the end of times; this can be funny to hear too, I recall his horror after the Cavs victory parade — priceless!
Any word as to why he is leaving ? the station cannot afford him anymore? they will face a huuuuge drop in audience, that’s for sure.

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