The Free Market Doesn’t Care If You Live or Die
Paul Constant

The issue with Mylan is because Mylan has a government enforced legal monopoly to be the only allowed manufacturer of these life saving devices. It is our “intellectual property” laws that give someone a legal monopoly for years to produce something and charge whatever they want for it. The medical profession itself earns incomes well above the free market rate because our government gives them a legal government enforced monopoly over access to medical drugs. Given today’s office fees and lab test fees, you can end up as much as a $1000 a year (4 office visits @$150 each, another $400 for lab tests) if you don’t have insurance. All for being “allowed” to purchase blood pressure drugs that will cost you $40 a year. A drug so safe that it compares to aspirin. We also pay more for our drugs and have less choices than does the rest of the developed world. Whose governments, unlike ours, exist to serve the people, not the corporate business interests who now effectively control our government. The US medical drug industry is one of the major donors to political campaigns.

This is why our national health “bill” is now $3 trillion dollars a year…

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