Lovely Charts “Next”

You think, we draw.

  1. Dump the structure straight from your brain with the keyboard.
  2. Let the app take care of cumbersome tasks such as laying things out and picking symbols.
  3. Fine tune graphical details with the mouse and a GUI.

Learning from the past

… Drop it into the app, and boom, get a nice little tree diagram.
  • It worked quite well for simple hierarchical structures, but definitely not for flows or circular structures.
  • The fact that 2 different apps were involved always made the process feel a bit convoluted and unnatural.

Designing a human-readable syntax

Layout + rules + stylesheet = Blueprint


Obviously, the rules UI isn’t finalized :)

Style sheets

A distinct style for each level of the hierarchy and a specific color for Section 2, automatically!
Creating a flowchart in seconds. Just describe the process, we take care of the rest!

Last but not least…




Product designer, father of two.

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Jerome Cordiez

Jerome Cordiez

Product designer, father of two.

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