Je dis!

2017–11–24 Thursday.

17th day of my #GettingInShape program…

This week, I am very sleepy and lazy… I don’t know if it is because of some anti-inflammatory drugs I am taking twice a day or if it is because the sunlight time is way shorter nowadays (7am to 4pm … when there is sun…). The lack of sun and the cold definitely affects me.

Conclusions of the day:

Conclusions are happening around 6–7pm so with a bit of chance I can still squeeze some more of this challenge in before I sleep… unfortunately if it happens it won’t be logged.

  • TRX done seriously might not be compatible with push and pull ups.
  • I had a good run today.
Run and street workout in for the day!

Below some data of the day. Expect every weekday this kind of log. I do those exercises in the following order. Usually the main sport is first and later during the day I do the rest in the same chunk of time.

Main sport of the day: TRX: ~15 min.

Run: ~30 min. solid run today.

pull ups: none

push ups: none

core and back:

  • lifting pelvis and holding: 45 sec. *4
  • crunch and holding: 45 sec. *4
  • (left foot — right hand stretched and holding: 45 sec. + right foot — left hand stretched and holding: 45 sec.) *4
  • (classic plank: 45 sec. + left side plank: 45 sec. + right side plank: 45 sec. + inverted bridge (belly facing the ceiling): 45 sec.) *4

stretching and trigger points with foam roller: not enough…

Meditation: Need to… *facepalm*