Why do I #vlog ?

Some might wonder why I chose to add one more thing to my todo list in 2016. And why vlogging?

Well, in fact, there are several reasons why. I will enumerate them below. No need to say that this is very personal and reflects only my own point of view.

  • Technically, it forces me to perfect my video editing skills.
  • Budget wise, I try to keep it realistic and cost-effective. This is for me a very interesting exercise: I try to force myself to new habits (compared to how i dealt in the past with other projects of mine). Never losing focus of the aim: Telling a story. So image quality, sound quality should not dictate what gears to use.
  • Again, my goal is to improve my verbal storytelling skills, and of course video storytelling skills. Although, I try hard not to get lost into my habit of perfecting technicality and to really reach comfort of delivering quickly a good story.
  • Challenging myself to speak clearly in front of a camera. I can do this with music, but words… that’s a different story!
  • Improving workflow and getting to the point in terms of choosing, editing footages and delivering the vlog. This is related to time management.
  • It helps me (even indirectly) to improve scenography and narrative skills.
  • I want to share about music, artist, entrepreneur, traveler, community worker life etc. I want — not I would like — I want to break clichés and to share knowledge and experience I gain to younger ones and whoever would like to get an insight.
  • It helps me to look back at what I do during a day. And to reflect on what to keep doing, what to change, etc.
  • It challenges me on the topic of social media and private life.
  • It forces me to be more efficient and target oriented since it is a one-man team working on the vlog from A-Z in a very short time. I would like to daily vlog which I believe, requires to improve all skills and working methods.
  • I like that it is ephemerous and reflecting only a fragment of the NOW!

etc. etc. etc.

I will add more as it comes to me.

In the meantime, check out #vlog #1 and please let me hear your comments. I will write more about the behind the scenes of the vlog on #Medium and the vlog itself will be published on #Youtube.

Find more on: http://www.jeromelithiaote.com