United States "Salami Slicing"?
Michael Turton

When it comes to status of sovereignty-impaired (former?) Japanese Formosa/Taiwan, it is China meddling in US affairs, not the other way around. It all owes to the US having no observable boots on the ground, no traceable direct involvement.

But one could be forgiven for misconstruing Taiwan as a salami that the US dangles to better lure the Chinese gator. After all, did not the US have a paramount hand in dressing Japanese Formosa in Chinese piglet (猪仔)’s skin casing?

I’ll have my slice of Formosan salami with its Chinese piglet (猪仔)’s skin casing peeled off. And don’t present me with those tied salami ends, Chinese Kinmen and Matsu. Feed them to your Chinese gator.

Chinese piglet = 猪仔 = 旧指被拐骗到外国做苦工的人。 Chiang had been using them to grade, roll and pave the airstrips FDR needed to conduct his war against Japan from China. Chiang later lured nearly two million of his coolies (猪仔) on Japanese Formosa to implement the American-subsidized reconstruction.

Salvador did not break diplomatic ties with Taiwan, but with the RoC (Rebels of China) regime. RoC territory is limited to Kinmen and Matsu, Zhongnanhai willing. What would the loss of the RoC (Rebels of China) state paraphernalia, Chinese Kinmen and Matsu mean for Taiwan?

If Kinmen, Matsu and their RoC (Rebels of China) regime broke ties with Taiwan, the latter would finally be able to take off. In a post-WWII, post-colonization era world, the mother country always delivers and first signs the birth certificate of the new-born nation for the world to welcome.

Taiwan will be no different if it is ever to be, in full and perpetual sovereignty only transferable from Japan by the government of Japan.

Taiwan Forward! … On your marks!

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Laowai, practice your Chinese language reading skills and blame the TT for having yet to provide the English version of the following LTN editorial.

It might enlighten you on Taiwan’s deceptive current international status and on how Japan will have to be involved — latent sovereignty lurking out of the SFPT woodwork — if the knot is ever to be untied.






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