No Name Slapping Brand

After reading my most recent brand book, “How to launch a brand”, by Finien Consultancy, one thing has come to mind and it has been made very clear to me. You can not place a name on a product or service believing that it will instantly become a brand. Keep in mind a name plays a major part, but there’s more to it. A brand is based on a feeling, a feeling that is felt by the person it serves. A feeling that is designed by the creators to satisfy a specific want and/or need by its target consumer.

When people want products from Nike what do you feel is their reasoning behind their purchase? Many may say that they feel that it best outfits them to be the best athlete they can be. When you do the research on the word Nike you find out it means goddess of victory in Greek. Think about their slogan, “just do it”. Is it such the great motivator for those who care about fitness. Now think about their advertisement, with the athletes, the performance of the shoes in motion and the feeling that is express through the ad. You feel that you too can be a champion in their gear!

Creators, businessmen and women, when considering your name of your brand would it make sense to locate a name that can put you in the position from the start? It maybe impossible to have a brand as great as Nike, but you can do the necessary things to put yourself in position to capture your tribe with the appropriate name.

Here are a few things that you can do to help you through this process:

Research. Many people are not willing to do the necessary research in regards to their brand name. Let me tell you here first it will save you heartache in the future! Your neglegence could lead to a trademark infringement lawsuit and lost of your company. Let me share a story about a company who was presented this situation by the name of Burger King. A organization out of Matoon, Illinois claim to have had the name first prior to the major chain that you know of today. In 1968 a court case went down that allowed this organization to maintain their chain in the state, this also led to the Lanham Act. So get rather friendly with Google and Bing, in addition get familiar with the United States Patent Trademark Office website as well. They have a area on the site where you can search names for availability.

Must be memorable. Once you have done your research and take the time to do name mashups. Run it across you family, friends and love ones to verify its memorability. A good name should be 5 to 13 letters long. In addition, visit sites such as hostgator and Godaddy for domain availability. Once you have coined your name head to the major social media sites and capture the name on these sites. Also consider capturing your name as well!

Relevancy to the product. Be sure when considering a name that your able connect the product and/or service. You can establish a great level of miscommunication for your consumer if your not able to explain the connection. Which could lead to an early death for your product or service idea. Also keep this in mind when you consider creating a slogan.

Whatever you do….don’t just slap a name on a product/service and believe that it’s golden. Thank you for your time and I wish you the best in your endeavors!

Do you have any other naming tips please share!

Jerome Patrick is a brand designer with the purpose to create happiness by way of design. He loves creating brands! A member of the United States Navy, Kappa Alpha PSI Fraternity Incorporated and the American Institute of Graphic Arts. He received his Master’s in Business Administration and Bachelor’s in Business Management with a specialization in Marketing from Kaplan University. Currently attending Full Sail University’s Media Design Program. Learn more about him at Follow him via Twitter Jerome Patrick