The race to equal races

Right now the United States is at a state of emergency, the race issue for the past year has become a high volatile subject. With the police brutality, to the big setback of blacks in regards to education, business opportunities, health, wealth and simple treatment of being human beings. The orlando massacre that took place at a gay club, the police killings in Texas, the man killed in front of his girlfriend and child………what is really going on? The immigration issues? …the lists goes on and on.

Recently Colin Kapearnick chose not to stand for national anthem and people are at a total uproar. He stated his reasons for not standing, it had nothing against the soldiers, nor the police, but for the brand that America stands for. For justice, freedom, and equality. Quite frankly Colin feels that its not happening here and his conscious would not allow him to do it.

History tells us that many sacrifices must be made in order for real change to happen. It’s very unfortunate that it has to be that way, the sacrifice of the few for the many. It will never be a perfect world, but personallly I feel that there’s enough on this planet where we as a human race can live in better harmony.

The real question here is that who wants to be the new leader(s) on this planet to provoke such change where all men and women are treated equal to some degree? Will the U.S. and the world as a whole be ready for such a leader(s)?

It would be a beautiful picture to see us all finish the race together.