Domino Valdano

Dr. Jones

We all have much to learn and understand about the human condition, as you have stated that you pride yourself on being as a open mind as you can, but also realize that you yourself are subject to preformed bias.

I believe had your primer studies had been psychology, and philosophy rather than physics you may well be asking and writing about completely different topics.

Just as you have alluded, bias is to humanity as is water is to the ocean, this can not be avoided. Even the best of us being completely conscious that we all have performed biases, and are making every attempt to realize and identify them, we still have difficulty rising above them.

These preformed bias are necessary less we would lose are minds having to process and reprocess the ever increasing amount of information that is available to us. The vary core of our identity is an overall collection of these preformed biases.

As I am sure that as you were completing your doctorate degree the vast amount of information that you were tasked with mastering was overwhelming. That knowingly or unknowingly you processed such information with willful intend to make full understanding of that which you were inputting into your knowledge center.

By doing so you were and are continually forced to form opinions, ideas,and beliefs about that which studied. At the time that you processed, examined, evaluated the many concepts, ideas, and theories you were in fact forming a bias based on your best thinking. By building this bias you have built a shortcut that can be accessed by your core belief system, a sort of thought management subroutine.

Now that the bias is formed factually based or alt-factually based the work is done and the individual's core value set need not be revisit it . To revisit it is a waste of both energy and time.

The resistance to change as we are all guilty of such. It’s hard to teach the old dog new tricks. It is not that we are per say lazy, but better said unmotivated to do invest time doing self examination of biases that we are quite comfortable with.

In example if I were to present to you evidences that would force you to reevaluate the validity of General Relativity, Classic Mechanics, or Newton’s first law of motion, I would be meet form you with a great deal of skepticism, even if the body of proof was overwhelmingly strong. In fact even the mention of such theory would automatically trigger a self-defence mechanism from your predisposed biases and core values system.

The thought that you would need to accept new data, examine, evaluate, process, and alter something so core to your belief system would be at best overwhelming.

My point is that as you attempt to bridge the divides that exist between the conservatives, liberals, and the progressives, even hard facts will be dismissed, mutual commonalities ignored, and obvious lies unrealized by all sides of the issues.

I respect and understand your desire and intent, as I also I find the need to understand how we have all arrived to this strange time and place.

I could suggest a lot of research you would need to do to form your own opinions, as well educating oneself for oneself is imperative, regardless of our ability to communicate it to others.

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