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Fear is an emotion, I refuse to allow it to rule my life.

If you are concerned that the cooperate candidate can’t win on her own marrits, then set up a candidate who instill fear. It was probably all planed in advance by the DNC corporate planners when they figured out their girl couldn’t win any other way.

If you think for amount that Trump is as crazy as his acting (an act), then surely if he wins he will be removed.

The presidency of the USA is not and will not be turned into a dictatorship. If you are so naive as to think the president has that much power it’s sad.

The presidents are commander in chief of an illusionary democracy. I.E. When Carter was in office he asked to see specific information that the CIA had and was told by the CIA director then George H. Busch that he didn’t have the appropriate security clearance to access the data.

In other words need to know only, that the secrets are so great that you can’t just sign a confidentiality agreement to get access.

Who the hell does half access?

We can not know, we can only speculate that it’s really ugly, and really scary. Who really in charge and how is that a democracy?

Puppets and their Masters.

I think we’re all fucked.

I seldom swear.

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