Fear is an emotion, I refuse to allow it to rule my life.
Jerome Puetz

If you were curies as to what President Carter was asking for but was unable to obtain. You would probably assume something todo with super secret military equipment right.

No some thing completely ridiculous Jimmy Carter the physicist, Jimmy Carter who rode super secret atomic submarines, saw some thing years before he was President.

jimmy saw something in sky that he could not explain. He saw what is classified a unidentifiable flying object.

What Carter saw is and will remain a secret that not even a president can be briefed on.

The real question is, is what Carter saw our technology? If so then why not share it with the presidents?

It Implies that it was not our technology and that only people with skin in the game could have access.

Those that deemed it super classified did so for obvious reasons. If a puppet president with loose lips were to reveal their secrets he would need to stopped.

You can’t just disappear presidents can you? JFK?

These powerful people within our government for obvious reasons created the need to basis, to protect themselves and created a power structure far more powerful then any one presidency.

A power structure that is well and flourishing and we are funding all of their activities. They can do what ever they want, when they want, anything is with their power.

Puppets and their masters.

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