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Surely the Shepard (puppet master) wouldn’t lead the sheep to be slaughtered he loves and cares for them.

(Puppet master) Their sheep that don’t deserve a right to even vote. We are wiser we shall install the candidates that will serve us.

Since I am not a sheep and have the right to vote I will vote my conscious and that will not allow me to vote Trump or Clinton.

(Puppet master) you will vote for Clinton or I will scare the hell out of you. Looks like it’s working.

Whom ever is the next POTUS the revolution we continue, we will do the work needed to have our Democracy.

Non-violent civil war is next, and it needs to be pre-partisan, the democrats, republicans, and the independents need to coalesce and agree to disagree but find unity to fight these injustices.

We need immediate action monitoring and auditing the actual vote. The system currently in place is and was installed so it can be manipulated.

Hard to believe, truth is often like that.

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