Violence in Chicago

People are paying with their lives in Chicago for a vary broken system.

So how do we begin to fix the out of control violence in Chicago?

It seems to me we start by rounding up the drug addicts and putting them into institutionalized care or open clinics to administer managed care of the drugs.

We need to take the profit out of drug dealing, we can do that by caring for the addicted.

The real problem is surely related to lack of opportunity, the loss of the American Dream that an entire generation is living. Is the American Dream a Ponzi scheme? Do the people at the top profit while those at the bottom pay and suffer?

Have you got childeren?

If you do and you are in the every increasing lower middle class your children see you and I working harder and if lucky just breaking even. Children don’t miss a thing, even if there’s plenty of love in the house there questioning why they would want to work as hard as you do to have next to nothing.

The unedited crap that flows from our media and our internet is poisoning these young developing minds.

We have built the Information Age now how do we manage it? All new technology can be used for good as well as for bad deeds.

If you don’t believe that you are what you eat, just as you are what you read, watch, and listen to, you are vary naive.

We are all self-programmed as adults we learn to filter out crap, but those are learned lessons and not easily taught to children.

Experience always exceeds lessons filled with knowledge.

So you are a high school drop out or a high school graduate with little to no employment skills, you have no means to attend college or even trade school and you desperately need money. Not believing you will get caught; you believe you have nothing to lose why not deal and use drugs and make lots of money?

We can’t put ourselves into these roles most of us thankfully can’t even imagine these sad desperate places of lack of opportunity, but they exist and will continue to always.

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