Sarah Balfour

You seem well read and firm in your convictions, vary little do I disagree with you. I wish all people were as curious as you and not just sheep. I have nothing to sell you. You have your truths as I have mine, But then there’s an experience that I had when I was 5 or 6 an experience prior to the pollution of mind we are all forced into, an experience that vary few will every have. I had what is termed a near death experience. Take some time to read about that, I did later as an adult. I am spiritual and also reject religions, but my brief look into the beyond I can not reject.

I do science, I observe, I analyze, I theorize, I test, and sometimes I even conclude. Solid conclusions are most often delusions, truthfully we know so little. My advice to everyone is always keep questioning and avoid conclusions. Truth is fluid and in constant motion as are all things.

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