Got two ‘accepts’ today to publish the submitted publications, just as I was preparing a new article. One more proof that life progresses in cycles. Thus, we synchronize with them or bang our heads against the wall. Which reminds me of the time I actually banged it against the wall, but I will write about it on another occasion.

Let’s get back to the feeling of euphoria when I have read two mails stating that my publications are accepted for publication. The feeling lasted for a short while, as it got substituted with panic and stress. Panic because of the close deadline in which the edits need to be finalized, and stress because of the piled-up work which I have not prepared for. ‘Go, blindly follow your plans,’ I said to myself. This is a life’s slap in the face, which reminds us that it is actually in charge.

Now, that would all be wonderful if I was not sitting for eight hours on a boring job which does not fulfill me, except for my stomach and my bank account. ‘Damn!!!’

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