The downward spiral of American Information Outlets

Have you read the news lately? Have you looked outside what propaganda some American news outlet have showed?

To anyone living outside the USA, it is quite obvious that our southern neighbour has been suffering for decades from a lack of objective news. Several news outlet are more interested in reader count and sensationalism than facts. Unfortunately, they tend to be big… like Fox News or CNN. They also have no shame in being pro-democrat or pro-republican publications. What matters is to push their own agendas versus educating and informing the population. In any capitalist regime, this is probably the most devious deception of them all. You have the right to be informed but, the informant makes his right to be wealthy prevail over informing you.

Just like WalMart or Barnes & Nobles, volume is key. They throw massive volumes of information that will keep you riveted to the screen for as long as possible with little to no spare time to think through the news. It is an all out assault on your eyes, ears and brain. Unfortunately for America, this has become the norm. To get some editorial, people are forced to resort to unconventional methods… Comedy.

This is where cynical shows like This Week Tonight on HBO and Late Night with Seth Myers on ABC thrive. They are as opinionated as every other outlet (being very anti-republican) but they tend to use cynicism and derision to get some messages through. All in all, although entertaining, they pass very little facts other than what will be an anti-movement position. They may be able to get through some information but they also are with an agenda which is no better than CNN or Fox News.

News agencies outside the USA typically report on things that will not be US centric. For example, in Canada, the CBC has been a fairly reliable source of journalistic information that has stayed mostly outside of the propaganda or the click-bait post about cute kittens. When you think of reliable news outlets, you think about BBC News, Reuters, CBC… there are many others. One thing they share in common though is the non-US based portion. Our fellow Americans have it really thick on the reliable news part. They must rely on news outlets that will exclude most content that does not involve the US in some way only for the extreme news “a la Tiajin Explosion” that devastate a large area or a huge number of people. If the US has no stake in the news, you’ll likely never hear about it.

I lived 4 years in TX and during that time, at the very beginning of Internet news (1997), I relied on CBC to get my information as I quickly found out that CNN was unreliable to get any information about Canada. If it wasn’t for the commercial disputes or some meeting between US and Canadian officials, there was no information. This pushed me to check reported information between outlets and quickly found out that US information was trimmed and tapered to fit into a time slot and deprived of most relevant information. Basically, it kept people in the dark.

In the Age of Information, you’d think the average American would be checking facts from around the world but, it isn’t so. Facts have little power over propaganda.

In the coming months, I will be following the American politics closely. Donald Trump is possibly the most dangerous man to ever get his hands on the steering wheel of a country (perhaps even more than Kim Jun-un) and I feel that we have reached a turning point in the history of the world. I will report anything I see through this medium and hopefully you will get a complement of information here. One thing is for sure, the information I will provide will be tainted. Through my eyes, my values and my own moral compas, I will voice what I see happening in the USA and in the world because of the USA. Trump says he wants to make America great again… I will most certainly be watching at who’s expense he will do that.

I have no doubt that someone will pay.

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