Development Tools

I felt like sharing the tools I use that makes my work easier. As a web-developer, I strongly believe that you should choose the right tools that will get you up and coding in less time.


This is your main guy. Vagrant utilizes VirtualBox which lets you create virtual machines inside your host system. It lets you isolate any programs you wish to install and test, giving you a clutter-free host environment. How easy it is to start your development box using Vagrant? Simple as running this command in your shell:

$ vagrant up

Do you want to quickly share your local work to others without the need of pushing your code to a live server? Easy as pie with Vagrant. It lets you create a local tunnel service similar to ngrok and Pagekite. Just run the command below:

$ vagrant share --http <portofsitefromvhost>


PuPHPet will save you a lot of trouble figuring out what to install in your development environment. You can choose a variety of things from the distro to your preferred database system. The simple GUI will give you enough options to get the box installed with your needed programs automatically when you provision the generated files with Vagrant.

Visual Studio Code

Yes, the open source software from Microsoft is my preferred code editor. After using Sublime and Atom for some time, I saw how VS Code knocked the other two out in terms of performance. Git is built-in and there are tons of extensions that you can use to improve your coding productivity.

More tool suggestions are coming to improve your development workflow. Consider this as the first part of a series.

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