Why I am not of a fan of IT Industry Certifications

As you say Benedikt it’s an industry, with serious revenue streams. I’ve been amazed in general about the price tags for certs. But most appalling are today’s maintenance exams. That said, if you take honest approach to your personal development, I belief certs are just the cherry on your learning. What I feel is much more important is the underlying courseware. For some certs that simply is better, than for other (Salesforce) certs. If you’re in the game of cert binging being master of all trades, certs become the goal not the learning path and accumulating knowledge over longer periid. As you say in that way it’s just highly volatile knowledge, actually no knowledge but just information you forget about. But… still your brain is a clever thing, and although you might not hold the details anymore (maybe good, because they might have become outdated) you’re brain is likely to remember a pointer about that cert learning journey. How should you know to Google, if you don’t know what to Google for? So in general I’m ambivalent on the topic, binging and strong top-down pressure on certs isn’t necessarily good. But in a way carrot, or stick it motivates people. Carrot similar to why gamification works (Trailhead success), likely for self-motivated people. The certs just helps because the mind is driven by rewards. The stick won’t be very effective since people will search for the easy way out, information and knowledge probably won’t stick neither. To really learn takes time, time, time and a lot of it, doesn’t it?

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