Jesus and Buddha in a Savile Row Bespoke Suit!

Today we may fail to recognise Buddha or Jesus if they are standing right in front of us in ordinary clothes!

Thought Leadership for Reflection:

On March 30, 2017, I sat silently in corner at the Kangra Airport in Dharamshala.

I was bemused to observe people going into a euphoric frenzy when the 14th Dalai Lama entered the airport.

People spun around in a stupor and fell over each other for SELFIES.

I also saw folks from the advertising agency with whom I was working (I was with them for a leadership session for their senior management) paying obeisance and getting their selfies.

The chairman of the firm, Martin (name chnaged) came and shared with me “Jerry, this was humbling. Some of us even had an out of body experience. This is the energy and the power of the man.”

I asked him, “Did you notice the other monk with Dalai Lama”? He said, “No!” I pointed out, “You all completely ignored him.

He was right there with huge energy in his serenity, calmly standing there while the Dalai Lama was posing for selfies with you all.

Sitting here, I was observing everyone falling over Dalai Lama and also this monk standing silently in a corner. I drew energy from his serenity.”

“Martin , this monk may become the 15th Dalai Lama.

Then everyone will suddenly notice him and start falling over him.

But today he was absolutely neglected. Why?”

“Today we would fail to recognise Buddha or Jesus if they were standing right in front of us in ordinary clothes. They are also human beings and just as flawed and vulnerable as any of us.”

In current times, the Buddha may notseem enlightened if he is not in a fancy bespoke suit.

We do not respect people.

We respect titles, positions and reputations created falsely by media.

Martin was silent and by now some of his team members had joined in.

I continued “Martin, today’s Dalai Lama whose name is Lhamo Dondrub, was born to a very poor family. He was an ordinary boy before he was picked up and tutored in Buddhist studies.”

Martin, remember the insights I shared with you all in the #moJOshInspirator Productivity and Execution workshop yesterday, when I explained the meaning of Namaste and the power of humility, reverence and other values (which I call powers) like vulnerability, integrity, gratitude etc.

Namaste simply means that The god in me salutes the god in you, the divinity in me respects the divinity in you and the potential in me recognises the potential in you.

Beautiful word that was practiced by people who followed Sanatan Dharma — the path of righteousness and the belief that the God is in every human being and the nature around us and if we not respecting the human being , then we are not respecting any GOD.

Simply because the God is not in any temple, church, ashram or statue but in each and every human being.

So respect the human being and you respect God.

Beautiful learning from this part of the world that is now called India.

Alas we forgot our own wisdom and hence have so many caste and diversity issues.

Today, you all felt the exhilaration, not because of his energy, but because you were elated by his stature, title and personality that has been created over the years.

You probably would feel the same energy, if you had revered the monk who is standing behind him.

Remember Pope Francis, whose real name is Jorge Mario Bergoglio, was once a simple priest and prior to joining the seminary, a nightclub bouncer.

Father Jorge was unheeded in the church by people who saw him but did not notice him.

At the nightclub where he was a bouncer, people did not even acknowledge him.

Today he is revered, but at that time as a bouncer or a priest he was invisible and overlooked.

Jesus was the same man, a simple carpenter who worked for the ruling establishment of that time.

Jesus was reviled by people in his time for his anti-establishment views.

Today the same Jesus is worshiped as the son of God and a religion has been built around him.

Saibaba was considered to be a madman who is today worshiped by thousands and they now want to build a gold statue of him.

M K Gandhi (Gandhi as he is known globally) was an ordinary citizen but is today presented to us the father of the Indian nation.”

I then explained to my friends that people even get a so-called out of body experience with mere celebrities and people like like Vijay Mallya, Salman Khan, Mukesh Ambani, Sachin Tendulkar, Lance Armstrong, Sunny Leone, Paris Hilton, Shashi Tharoor, Kim Kardasahian and with self-proclaimed Gurus like Radhe Ma and Asaram Bapu.

Some even worship portraits of Sri Sri Ravishankar, SadGuru and other Godmen of their ilk, who have created larger than life personas with great media, PR hype and perception management.

I narrated an anecdote about a conversation with a good friend, “My friend, who is a surgeon from an Ivy League Institute was worshiping one such #SadGuru portrait.”

“I told him if I am ever unwell, I would never let you conduct surgery on me. “

He asked, “Why”?

I replied, “I do not wish to trust myself in the hands of a surgeon who has no trust in himself and worships some #SadGuru to get enlightenment. If they were truly gurus they would never make you dependent on them.”

Guru comes from 2 Sanskrit words. GU and RU. Darkness and Light.

Show the light to people, empower them and ask them to lead their life.

If you make them come to you time and again to your ashram then you are no guru but just driving your business model to profiteer for your ashram by making them dependent on you.”.

My surgeon friend stopped worshiping #SadGuru after that.

If they were truly enlightened and really humble why would they need positions of power and demand respect from people with hyped titles and adding #SriSri, #HisHoliness and #Guru to their names.

Jesus or Buddha never did that.

It is others who chose them as messiahs. T

hey did not proclaim they were holy.

Respect and trust are earned.

Adding all those titles only shows how fake these gurus are.

Ideas for Action:

In today’s materialistic, superficial world, everyone gives more importance to a hyped up personality, rather than the true character and nature of a person.

For example I get an enlightened experience everytime I encounter real heroes, who are ordinary people doing extraordinary work like the people whose stories I tell, in my Karma Kurry book series.

In my personal development book “moJOsh Inspirator”, I have explained that humility means giving same respect to one and all.

The person may be a minister or a janitor, a priest or a pauper, a prophet or a beggar, a rich business owner or his employee.

Many people claim to be humble and live with humility.

However what they call humility is what I call just a fake statue of humility.

Like the statue of liberty which they say stands for the land of the brave and the free.

I see no brave or free in the US when they cannot treat people with respect and are terribly racist.

Similarly, the fake statue of humility is what we see with people who are very humble in front of the Guruji in the ashram but treat their house-help and workers with disrespect.

Humility means treating each and every human being with equal and same respect.

The fake statue of humility is not humility.

The dictionary has a better word for fake humility, it’s called sycophancy and done to disguise one’s hubris.

So, my last observation to Martin, about the POWER OF HUMILITY and its practicality in today’s world was “here is how it works, today’s monk is tomorrows Dalai Lama. In client meetings, agency people always focus on the CEO and the senior leaders. Middle managers are mostly ignored. Well friends that person who you ignored today, is tomorrow’s senior leader and CEO.”

To quote Imam Ali “What are human beings so arrogant about? Our origin is a sperm, our end is a carcass and in between our birth and death we are a vessel for excrement.”.

Yes that is what we truly are.

Nothing but a pot of shit.

But when we practice human values, we unleash the greatness within us and the simplicity of practicing the guiding principles of humanity are simply in the golden rule to treat everyone as you would them to treat you.

Which means we need to learn to treat each and every human being with respect.

They may be ministers or janitors but are human beings and deserve respect.

If we are not respecting the human being then we are not respecting any God and that is the big learning in the salutation “Namaste” which simply means that the god in me respects the god in you, the divinity in me salutes the divinity in you and the potential in me recognises the potential in you”.

Beautiful word that was practiced by people who followed Sanatan Dharma — the path of righteousness and the belief that God is in every human being and in nature around us.

Respect every Human Being

- Jeroninio ‘Jerry’ Almeida is the author of Karma Kurry bestselling book series which has inspiring true stories of real uncommon, unusual and unsung heroes. He recently also collaborated for a book ‘Mann Ki Baat” with the honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. Jerry is now working on his cutting edge personal development book series which will be published as the #moJOshInspirator learning series. Jerry is also the thought leader and creator of movements like Right every Wrong, REX- Not Just Talks; Ideas for action, Karmaveer Awards, (the first citizen reporting and whistle-blowing news & views media porta), Swachh Bharat Mission, Karma Mitra and The Joy of Giving (which has been adapted and adopted in India and several parts of the world now as Joy of Giving week, Joy of Sharing week, Giving Tuesdays etc).