Sketching Tools for the Worst Sketcher

I haven’t drawn anything for years! Now I find myself in my first week of a UX Design program and I am supposed to put aside all of my robust Adobe tools and my shiny new Macbook and pick up a Sharpie and a sketchpad? What kind of torture is this? I argue, but seriously, I can make shapes and text faster in Illustrator and you can actually tell it’s a circle!

I struggle through the first couple of days wasting copy paper because I do not want to taint the beautiful spiral bound sketch book with my scribbling nonsense. Mr. Sharpie may look cool but he is not a friend to the novice sketcher, so I run to the store and find new sketching tools; nice-ish pencils, really great erasers (these babies are gonna get some use!), grid paper, and some fine-line + regular point sharpies.

Everything I do from now until I can handle my sketch-abilities will be in pencil first and on grid paper to help me form straight lines. After all, this process is supposed to be faster! Then, I’ll grab Mr. Sharpie and give it some nice edges. Sigh, I’ll be a better sketcher in no time!