Thank God for my dog.

I don’t know how I would have gotten through this assignment without the help of my dog, Muddy. I spent a large majority of the 6 hours playing with him. I did not do anything to prepare myself for this assignment. I was sitting at home and I decided that I would get this assignment done. I checked my phone to see the time, and then I started timing myself in my head. I started in bed, laying with my dog and was in the bed for probably half of the 6 hours. We really did not do much other than chew on toys and run around in my house.

I wouldn’t say that the time flew by, but I definitely had fun. When looking back at the time, I realize that it was fun, but there was definitely something missing. I realize now that I felt like something was missing because I was not taking pictures or watching TV.

When I saw this assignment, I knew that it would be boring. Sitting for 6 hours was terrible. I could not being myself to read a book, so I just played with my dog. I do not recommend this to a friend, but it taught me a valuable lesson. Now I know that I am way too dependent on technology. I do not realize how much I use technology on a regular basis. When I went to turn the TV on, I had to stop and think about the fact that TV is technology and I use it more than anything else. Even when I am on my phone, I have the TV on. I don’t realize how much technology rules my life.

I have never really had to do an assignment like this before, but I think that it was interesting experience. It didn’t really teach m anything but writing or social media, but it was eye-opening. I was bored for a lot of the time just because it was quiet when playing with my dog because there was no background noise, and i didn’t really learn all to much beyond the fact that we rely on technology for a lot of what we do on a daily basis. This class has been very reliant on technology and the field that we are all going into is reliant on technology. I think that this assignment goes well with this class in the sense that it show us how technology can run someone’s life and we see the impact that it can have on all of us.

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