The Conference @ World Startup Fest : Part 2

This is part 2 of a series explaining the detailed breakdown of World Startup Fest. Read part 1, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11 and part 12 to catch up. Written by Jerric Lyns John.

WSF Conference

World Startup Fest celebrates Technology, Entrepreneurship and Global Economy, the three compelling strings when pulled together inspires the ideal humane-businesses during our event. Let’s celebrate for a world where with the help of technology we will drive companies for the benefit of humanity and our future. We put together 4 days of extravaganza where we blend in cutting edge technology with industry leading business standards and international policies to drive your business exponentially bigger, yet a humane-business.

We will bring together scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs, writers, policymakers and artists, to create a collaborative environment with some of the top cutting edge technology discussion to further advance their implementation in the future.

We are focusing our efforts into three core themes for World Startup Fest:

The three main themes for WSF: Future Now!, Entrepreneurs’s Realm and World 2.0

The intention of the conference is to bring in maximum coverage of a wide variety of diverse topic that adheres to the three themes of the conference to invoke and inspire the attendees.

We have programmed 24 tracks of compelling topics for our conference and will be delivered by some of the leading figures in our ecosystem. We are sure you’ll like it.

World Startup Fest — Conference Tracks

The conference programming has the following formats:

  1. Highlight Speaker — WSF brings its speakers from all around the world. You can expect to hear quality content from some of the top industry experts, technologists, investors, and many more during our conversations and panels. We can assure you that some of most influential and brightest minds can offer you mind-blowing presentations during our Highlight sessions. These sessions has a duration of 40–50 mins
  2. Keynotes — Our special high-intensity-keynote format focuses on bringing diversity into the given domain of discussion in an hour by allowing multiple speakers of the same domain to deliver the best presentation of their disruptive innovation in under 10 mins each. We concentrate on showcasing multiple domains throughout the duration of the festival.
  3. Firesides — High-Impact conversation with diverse set of visionaries from the most dynamic world of Entrepreneurship, Technology and Government. Our impact conversation might question the status-quo and invoke a sense of finding answers from the most irrational of places. Firesides last for under 40 mins.
  4. Founders Story — The most important format in WSF, we have structured this format like a semi-fireside format except that we will focus more on the “Entrepreneur’s Realm”. We will primarily be having conversations about entrepreneurs, their life, how they envisioned and achieved their realm, and the lessons learnt from this so that these stories inspires other entrepreneurs to create business and start thinking about disruptive innovation.
  5. Speaker Studio — This is a specially arranged Q&A format so that the speakers can make themselves available for more in-depth questions from the participants post their presentation. We have figured that such engaging formats will enable the participants to ask the right question which will give them more deeper insights into the topic of discussion.
  6. Workshops — We want to offer an in-depth and hands-on workshop based on the topic of discussion so that the attendee gets an advanced level of information around that topic. Based on the intensity of the workshop the duration also changes, the focus will be to skill and enable attendees with advanced discussion based on the topic of discussion.

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