The Pitch @ World Startup Fest : Part 4

This is part 4 of a series explaining the detailed breakdown of World Startup Fest. Read part 1, part 2, part 3, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11 and part 12 to catch up. Written by Jerric Lyns John.

WSF Revolt

WSF Revolt is the flagship pitching event of WSF and we are committed to identify the top 100 early stage startups from across the world every year, ideally those identified through our independent application and GSA applications process.

The Revolt 100 will pitch on a public stage at our Future Deck exhibition space and the shortlisted top 10 will be sharing a single stage to compete for the WSF Revolt Award 2018, a $50,000 prize, and an opportunity to pitch to the top early stage investors, business angels, corporate and global media. The Jury includes the top notch entrepreneurs and investors from our Global Cross Pollination Panel.

We do not charge fees nor take equity from startups! Application is completely free and no strings attached.

If you apply for GSA SAARC you become a participant for WSF Revolt as well, apart from that we have our application which will open 2 months before the main event. The application is open to global startups, ideally these must be startups in the early stage phase (lesser than or seed round) and should be comfortable in discussing about the startup in public and also the through the live broadcast from WSF.

Being an early stage startup, we expect the participant to have at-least a working prototype of the product that they are going to pitch. We do appreciate idea stage startups as well because WSF Revolt becomes a platform for them to learn about pitching and fine tuning their business, but we do expect the startup to be done with their user study with minimum requirement of some kind of product demo — renderings, brochures, websites, video, etc..

WSF goes through the application and selects startups based on:

Innovation, Disruptive Business Model, Team, Product, Market validity

WSF Revolt has a structure in place for its execution and they are:

  1. Application: We open application through both GSA SAARC and also Revolt applications which will go live 2 months before the program.
  2. Shortlist: WSF HQ will announce the shortlisted Revolt Top 100, almost a month before the main event, so that they can take care of their visa and other arrangements for the travel for this destination event.
  3. Pitch Training: We arrange for the pitch training before they come for the main event through webinar and also we offer pitch training before the event starts, some of those sessions will be delivered by investors, experienced entrepreneurs.
  4. Preliminary: The top 100 will get into the preliminary round at the two beautiful Revolt stage that is setup at the Future Deck exhibition area, they jury will have 10 min to ask questions and will arrive at the Revolt Top 10 in this process.
  5. Exhibition: We offer the Revolt Top 100, free exhibition so that once they are done with their pitching they can directly go to their stall and promote their product for their potential customers.
  6. Finals: Once the preliminary round is over WSF HQ will publish the Revolt Top 10 for the main pitching event, where they will pitch to a fresh group of jury in the central stage. Revolt winner and runner-up will be announced at the same stage.

This platform is to be utilized by startups to gain exposure and also to exponentially increase their network, we also arrange exclusive mentor sessions based on where we thing you’ll need help going forward in the future to make your business a success.

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