The Anacoin is an arm of the Ananas foundation which is a sole independent charitable foundation that defines the ideology of synergy and corporation in all things ranging from business, social, education, health, entrepreneurship, religions, etc, for the betterment of mankind and human ideology generally. It enacts the tenets of growth and empowerment in all views of advancement in human visage. The Ananas foundations hopes to translate the place of charity in using present and modern technology for development. This development is also functional with the use of modern technology in creating tools such as entrepreneurial with the investment of bitcons and ethereum in general. It hopes to use the blockchain paradigm and framework measures in creating sustainability and reliability in dealing with financial crises in the lives of individuals and organizations in the prospect of trying times. This trustworthiness and reliability within the confines of trying times is developed through the Ananas platform in solving challenging crisis financially. The key fundamentals of the Ananas foundation hopes to reduce the effect of Islamophobia and the jihadism factor and define vast and numerous superiority and supremacy among the different sets. Thus, it hopes to use the paradigm of new applications in mapping contextually focusing on the core, and definitive norms, tenets, doctrine and teachings of the quran. This will be presented in a creative and comprehensive fashion. The investment through the blockchain sequence is to help reduce and deal with the growing split in the world generally in areas of hatred, tears, destruction and malice. Interestingly superiority has destroyed the very fabric and fundamental stride Islam is meant to define. This also explains the main vision and goal of the Ananas charitable foundation. Thus uniquely dealing with the fundamental barrier and constraint of investment.

Thus Ananas Token, allows comprehensively contribution framework before the actual opening sale date. Furthermore, the trading process implies that every token holder trades with a wallet and not a trading account. Hence, sending funds directly via any crypto currency exchange is prohibited and will cause a token holder to lose his/her tokens. The basic foundational exchange transaction should be done with a wallet and not a trading account. Also, Ananas foundation pre-sale equips you with a free web clause of In cases where the investor, client and token holder does not have a functional local Etherenm wallet software such as mist, or any-other on his PC, destop computer, Ipads etc. This details and instructions are to help in easy and flexible participation of the pre-token sales while using myetherwallet, through which there can be application of using a personal Etherum wallet. The payment details are found on the website at and any questions relative to challenges and help should be forwarded to contact Hence, the ananas foundation, pre-sale of its blockchains provides these unique tenets such that all pre-sale investors and entrepreneurial partners accepts that the very final terms and agreement of all actual sales are not available and yet to be made available. This also means, that all funds can only be transferred, forwarded and sent to the token pre-sale or face subsequent refunds or refundment generally. Thirdly, the Ethereum and bitcoin pre-sale caps at a set metrics of 999ETH. Fourthly, each token will require claims from the presales smart contracts after token pre-sale has ended and their will be non-refunds or no-refunds after the token pre-sale has place concurrently. The implication to this means that after each pre-sale closure, Ananas foundation shall make no refunds to any investor or token holders as the case maybe. This also implies that all token-pre-sale are schedule in such a way that allows for token holders and investor a lot of allocated time in considering the benefits and firm grip that the organization has put in place to create trustworthiness and balance for reliability, trust and suitability in avoiding any form of loss. The team put together unanimously defined these rules and structure in aiding the tenacity and firmness in the trading, investment and success of the bitcoin ethereum trading platform paradigm in the blockchain markets. Thus Ananas foundations, defines, ethereum blockchain network as a prime organization to envy from other organizations, and as a vast unque model of worthiness.
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