I’m graduating from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in two months. There’s nothing special about this, just a frame of reference for my current position in life.

I love psychology and research, and currently have a potential full-time position at my internship once I graduate. Despite this opportunity presenting itself to me, I have this weird… interference in my head. With growing frequency, I have these thoughts about the world being wide-open. I have nothing keeping me from doing whatever I want (within reason). I can continue to live at home, work this position, save money to move, work a similar position in a new city, study for graduate school, then go to graduate school. All of that sounds great, but most importantly, stable.

Or I can practice a creative medium on a daily basis and hone whatever craft I decide to focus on. Currently, I have goofy aspirations of becoming a visual artist. I have something of a strong background in graphic design and design in general. When I was in high school and community college, I was a freelance graphic designer and made what seemed like a lot of money. To put it in perspective, I wouldn’t have been able to pay for a single semester at my four-year school.

Writing is also fun to me, and my professors/teachers throughout my educational career have commented on how well I can write, if only I could develop and sharpen my style. As cocky as this sounds, I realize that I have potential to do well in several mediums. That being said, writing is by far my worst-versed medium.

Ideally, I would practice everyday at a particular medium. Get good enough to make a living off of said medium, and enjoy my life.

That’s the end of this bullshit; tomorrow is a new day. We’ll see what comes of it.

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