Seeing this lady full of shear joy and excitement over such a small and irrelevant item in my eyes reminded me of how we’re all different and that each person carries value through everyday life much differently than myself.

Have you ever just sat and watched others to figure out the intricacies of each individual? People watching, we all do it from time to time and some more than others. People truly are fascinating in the little moments they go through on a daily basis. I probably catch myself drifting off more than the next person or observing more than I probably should I would think.

Today I kept seeing this woman running all around as if she were searching for something or someone. So naturally I continued to pay attention. About 30 minutes later I see this lady again come back into my area with the BIGGEST smile I think I have ever seen on someone’s face. We were at work, our day jobs, what could possibly be that exciting in this place? But, then I noticed her holding a bright blue shirt. You know, big deal it’s just a shirt. I didn’t think much else of that I just assumed she lost it and had now found it…some irrelevance to me that I could care less about really.

A bit later in the day this woman came walking back through my area and again had a huge grin on her face. She was now wearing this shirt and I had caught it this time. The reason for this gigantic smile and pure joy and happiness on her face. I saw a tag and title on the shirt. Nothing fancy just our company logo and company name. It wasn’t a very fancy shirt either. It reminded me of a scrub top that are commonly worn in the medical field. So I was kind of in awe of this moment. She continued to walk through chatting with others and continued to have that prideful smile on her face. It hit me, although it was just a shirt this woman truly felt she was a part of something. She very well may never have had this type of feeling before. She belonged here and enjoyed her work, the people she spent time with and truly felt important in her role. The shirt was still just a shirt but to her it meant much more.

I tried to imagine a situation for myself where I may have felt the same. To be honest, I have never been lucky enough to catch myself in a similar moment as this woman. To that I am a bit jealous. But I sat down and kept thinking about it. Her huge confident and prideful smile. I began thinking about how we’re all on different levels in life. We may be in the same place but with different goals and aspirations. I felt it was meaningless at first because I see myself moving on to bigger and better things in the future. This place is not meant to keep me tied down. But this lady? This may very well be a position she has been working toward for a long time. I don’t know here story or where she comes from. There is literally an unlimited amount of possibilities as to why this simple shirt meant so much. She

I titled this ‘Stay HUMBLE…’ for a very good reason. I very well could’ve laughed at this moment and made childish comments about it just being a shirt. I think there are some people who probably would. But I saw the bigger picture in this moment. Remain humble in life for what we have and where we are going. Each individual is on a different path and we also have no idea how far they’ve come in life. Be thankful for the opportunities you are given each day. Don’t take this for granted. My story…a self proclaimed ass most of the time, and verified by close friends, can still see these things and surprise myself with the reaction I have. I was truly happy for her. I don’t really know this lady but that doesn’t actually matter here. We can be happy for others and help boost their confidence and expect nothing in return. A short yet positive experience for today…

I hope you guys take the time to truly try to understand the message. This is not about being a professional writer or blogger. This platform allows us all to share value in our daily lives so lets take advantage of that. Whether its a positive story like this or an in depth business related post I expect the same amount of understanding and manner. Let’s reach out and help each other to have another positive day. Stay HUMBLE…

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