Why Take Your Business Online?

Social Media and Facebook Dominate the Advertising Space. Everyday getting more detailed in allowing us to target potential customers, clients and patients.

When discussing marketing options with companies the area they consistently lack in is their online presence. Sure you may post several times a day but that shouldn’t be your only objective when attempting to boost your social media accounts. Content, more specifically content that pushes followers to actively engage, should be the focus.

I see it often. A page or individual that posts continuously all day long yet I don’t see content that brings me in to engage with or to participate on the post. There is more to it than simply creating a post that says ‘Hey, buy my product’ or ‘ Look at this new home I’m trying to sell’! These posts must target key audience members that will engage, ask questions, visit the site and or become a willing customer. For reference, in my world, clicks are important but not a key determining factor on whether an ad set is performing well. My audience targeting can be way off yet still gain tons of clicks to my offer by people who simply find it visually appealing or are triggered by the heading. They still won’t buy but they’ll still cost me money. Clicks don’t show you how well you’re truly doing, targeted clicks do. A simple post to your page is just a shotgun blast looking to hit anyone close with your info. We can do better.

There are a few things we can do initially to boost your page or business more effectively.

  • Promote Your Content Intelligently
  • Personalize!
  • Define Your Tactics
  • Outsource! Don’t Be A Jack of All Trades
  • Prioritize Your Market
  • Analytics

You have to have a Social Media Strategy in this day and age. Facebook alone has now reached over 2 BILLION users with just around 1.88 billion active daily. We don’t need to use radio and newspaper ads anymore. I know there are a ton of business owners who still do, do if you’re one of them do yourself a favor and start tracking data directly from those ads. Is that even possible? It will be tough but you need to start viewing your ads and business as a potential customer. When is the last time you saw a business ad on the paper or heard it on the radio and actually called…more than likely never. Food for thought.

Humans are visual. We thrive on colorful media and amazing imagery. This is why social media ads are thriving. We have the ability to put our ad in front of a person we know will have an interest in what we have to deliver. A great headline with tempting imagery gets the job done. The ability to create an in depth funnel to further pull a potential customer into our world and believe in our message. That’s what it’s about.

You truly owe it to yourself to take on this new platform for your business. Not just jump in however but truly diagnose and have a game plan. You’ll thank yourself when done properly.

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Until next time,

Jerron Glasson