Next Generation Money
Paul Balyoz

I like the democratic payment system. Your description of Slashdot’s system was clear and does seem like it could be an effective way of moderating the values of services.
I’m glad you thoroughly explained each point, especially the electric circuit analogy.

And it is certainly a powerful technique having readers pause and imagine something positive happily working : ) (Though I’d prefer an organic metaphor to a mechanistic one ; )

Regarding the money created out of thin air, people would argue against you on that. But let me take this opportunity to argue back against THOSE straw people! *Wealth* is the actual “stuff people want”. Money is only a measurement of wealth, and as such, has always been entirely abstract. That we at some point had units based on something perceived valuable (shiny rocks) is materially immaterial. That very ‘perceived value’ was still the central abstraction as measurement. It’s always been as thin-air as can be.

Furthermore, the thin-airness is currently under the power of banks (hi, employer! ; ) to generate, with little to no checks (busyness and government are basically interchangeable at this point). Every time they lend any new wealth-measurement-units to somebody, and then charge interest, they are generating more value out of thin air *to themselves* and thus giving themselves even more power over people.

So I totally agree that a network-style system (peer-to-peer) is far more egalitarian than a power-tripping hierarchy (which is unaware of its position within the larger network… geometric analogy: when arranged radially around a common center, those on top of a hierarchy are actually positioned closest to the Nothing hole in the center of the web, and so truly effective Hierarchies, in tune with the universal flow of things in the greater Web of relations, have humble leaders “on top” (at the center) that put others first)

Oh, and having such a high societal value on teaching is a very positive aspect of this system, not only for the renewed respect it puts on our elders.

Your thoughtful ideas are a blessing and may this blessing reach outward to many others (radially, as per the natural order of things ; ). Thank you for an interesting and compelling reading.

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