Long, Long way.

Companies today are constantly open branches in the regions, develop new areas of activity. Because of this dynamic ways of life, a new offer — long distance moving appeared at the market of moving services. As a result, moving company provides the services of planning and integrated carriage of furniture, appliances, office supplies at any distance, including other localities. With the help of professional movers you will be able to carry out long-distance moving without unnecessary loss of time and delay.

There are numerous benefits of moving with professional assistance: high speed; own array of trucks; well-trained loaders, critically selected; careful planning and preparation; the possibility to order cheap long distance moving; work on weekends and public holidays; insurance of expensive goods.

A long distance move is carried out on a similar algorithm to local relocation. Additionally, cargo is equipped with more robust packaging and is secured in the truck for the long-haul routes.

A long distance relocation includes the following stages: making the application and the appearance of the brigade of loaders; removal and disassembly of furniture; packing of all the pieces of furniture and office equipment in strong boxes for moving, as well as soft cushioning materials; loading a truck; transportation to another location; unloading at the destination; furniture assembly and connection of electronics.

Reliable moving companies have partners in all regions of the country, so a long-distance move to any point of our country is fast and comfortable without any additional costs on your part.

Those who have decided to give your office relocation to the experts, can be sure that 90% of the problems have already been decided. Professional movers will think over and carry out your move on the chosen day and time. The services of loading, packaging and transport are carried out quickly and efficiently.

You will need small steps to speed up the process. You need to contact the representative of the company for at least seven days before the estimated date of the move. In accordance with the amount of your furniture and the amount of things, the mover will think over the optimal algorithm to make the office relocation in the day or at night. It is necessary to sketch future planning and allocation of working space in the new location. If you wish, the staff of the moving company will place all furniture and appliances. You will save time on reshuffling and searching of a better option. The employees will immediately take up the case in a new office.

Do not forget to write e-mail to your employees, partners, customers / suppliers and other counterparties of such event as the office relocation. All contacts have to know where you are now to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

Cash, folders with urgent documents and securities is better to carry on your own, as these items do not weigh much and are always under scrutiny.

If your old and new offices are located in large buildings, it is preferably to take a parking space near the entrance in advance, and agree on the operation of the freight elevator if there is one. These measures significantly reduce the time and hourly loader services, that is, your financial expenses.

Long distance moving requires careful packaging of all appliances and furniture. If you decide to do self-packaging, you can buy the materials in a moving company, or you can entrust the entire process to experienced professionals. Upon completion of the work, you can view all the values ​​and things to ensure the safety and quality of services.

Does your company need a long distance relocation? To get started, you just need to choose a reliable mover, e.g., “Virginia Movers”, and call them or send a request to e-mail. Manager will contact you and clarify the details: the destination, the amount of cargo, special requests.

With professional movers, a long distance relocation is as simple as an ABC.


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