Roadtrip through Scotland

Summer 2016

After a long year of work I took some time off. The past 11 days I’ve been on a roadtrip around beautiful Scotland. We took the car from Amsterdam, hopped on the boat, arrived in Newcastle and drove all the way up North to our first stop, Pitlochry.

The boat trip took about 14 hours from Amsterdam to Newcastle.
The whole trip, we drove over 2000 Km or 1242 Mi
The following photo’s are taken around the Killicrankie. Much of the riverbank is owned by the National Trust for Scotland (National parks).

The next three photo’s show what “getting lost” in Scotland looks like. In the most North and isolated part of the country your Tom Tom and Google maps just give up. Then you’re lucky enough to find a shepherd to ask direction but… his accent is too strong to hear what he actually said.

“ Don’t follow us, we’re lost too ”

After all it’s not that bad. It’s certainly a way to get yourself out of your comfort zone, specially with internet connection everywhere now a days.

“ Scotland has 790 islands, of which are 660 uninhabited ”

During our trip we climbed the Ben Nevis. It’s the highest point of Scotland at 1343 meter or 4406 feet high. It almost took us 7 hours to make it to the top and back.

This photo taken inside the Rosslyn Chapel. It’s the most famous church of Scotland because an important part of The Da Vinci Code was filmed here. The Da Vinci Code has had a profound impact on visitor numbers at the Chapel which grew to over 176,000 at their peak.